My husband tells me i need to lose weight

Try: "I see wwight got more energy," or "Those clothes fit really well. Remind him of the vows he took when you both got married. But for me, weigh heavy wasn't a choice. I wouldn't be judgmental toward other extremely obese people because I was once huge. I'm a size 18 on a good day. But I keep playing over in my mind my dateless, loveless, sexless youth. But the thing they do not prepare you for is how you change emotionally after losing a large amount of weight.

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Sweet and Spicy Potato Oven Fries. Sorting Last Post on Hcg diet plan doctor oz. I'm very sorry that you're in this position; I know how much it hurts. I went into my last relationship very overweight, and my weight did become an issue between us. There was a lot wrong with that relationship anyway, but I have very deep wounds from some of his words. I can't really judge the marriage based on this one post. Is this something that has come up before?

The thing is that lbs is a lot of weight. When I was more than lbs overweight, I looked like a completely different person. I went from having a very curvy and healthy body to being just very round and, well, fat. When you marry someone, you do commit to loving them for better or worse, but you don't commit to being attracted to them if they let themselves go and literally become a different person. And I became a different person.

I wasn't married, but I no longer was the person I had been. And men were definitely not attacted to me. And not only that, I was very unhealthy. Not knowing all the facts, I can't severely judge him for being unwilling to watch you live an unhealthy life. Could it be that he's tried to tell you before in less harsh ways? But I will say that you can't do this for him; you have to do this for you. Do you have a desire to make a change towards a healthier you?

Can you commit to taking small steps towards that goal? Desperation is not a good motivator. Talking with your husband and letting him how he can support you might be a good first step - assuming that you don't want to take others' advice and kick him to the curb. I will be going against the grain here. I do not expect men to be happy about my body I am not attracted to fat men. It would not mean that I did not love him, it would mean that our friendship is falling apart Off thinking I guess My attraction is to My husband tells me i need to lose weight and physically somewhat fit people.

I am the one mot making the grade here, thus I quit looking. Remind him of the vows he took when you both got married. He should love YOU for WHO you are - the beauty of the inner person If he loved you enough and respected those vows he would not have made such hurtful demeaning statement. At least, you can say that you know now where you stand and how he feels. Practically every married couple put on lots of weight after years of marriage and you are no different.

Pity he couldn't be more supportive. What else can I say that the others have not. First of all, I bet you had his children, right? Since he has told you what he wants, why don't you tell him what you want. Make your list so he has something to work on while you are busy losing weight for yourself. If you like what you see after you finish this journey, then make your decision about what you want to do with the other weight that is pulling you down.

Good luck and be strong. You are an equal partner in this relationship. Maybe you should lose the "dead weight" that you call your husband. Yeah, when I divorced my first husband, I lost lbs of ugly fathead. Seriously, there's a big difference between love and concern that says "honey, I am concerned about your weight and health" versus "I'm gonna leave you if you don't lose weight".

The first is true and unconditional love. The second is bullying and manipulation disguised as some sort of weird "caring". My husband politely or as politely as he could - he's the best man ever told me that he wasn't as attracted to me when I was gaining weight. It made sense My husband tells me i need to lose weight me as I would expect myself to feel the same way if my hubby suddenly gained lbs. But telling you to leave is not a supportive way to help you lose weight.

My husband tells me i need to lose weight

May 25,  · My husband tells me continuously that men It's almost as if I feel that should I one day succeed in losing all the weight I need to lose and. Sep 01,  · Tell us how you lost weight, and you could be featured in our weekly weight -loss story on CNN tells you about losing weight my current weight. Video embedded  · My Boyfriend Keeps Pushing Me to Lose Weight “for My he has expressed that he would like to see me lose some weight. My husband thinks I.

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