Will test prop burn fat

A lot of people get sooo excited planning their cycles that they need things like primo or some other exotic mix of juices to get turned onto the idea. Thanks for any response! The author is a Forbes If your diet is immaculate, you will lose some BF on of off tren. Design and Developed by Cats Eye Webs. The 'Propionate' is Propionic acid, but once bound to Testosterone it is known as an ester bond or ester linkage.

There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: 1st cycle Test prop only. Thread Tools Advanced Search. Hi bros, this is my first post Will test prop burn fat this forum ever even though I've check the boards for a long time Ok first off here's a a few infos about me:. Been lifting for 3 years, when I started I was lbs, lost a lot eh? My goal is mainly cutting while keeping the muscles I've put on throughout the years while maybe adding a few pounds of lean mass.

Oh and it Will test prop burn fat not totally true that this is my 1st cycle ever, I've done a winstrol only cycle before injectable Yeah, you read right LoL so pinning is no problem. I like to keep things simple so here's the macros I was thinking of hitting:. No fat or close to none Except 4 caps of fish oil a day. Of course it would all be clean food. My trainning regimen would look like:.

Day 5: Morning routine no weights. Day 6: Go back to day 1. Cycle would last 10 weeks. Absolute Power Mega surge X3. I was thinking maybe alterning right and left quad for injections as I am not a fan of butt injections, whats your thoughts on this? So there we have it guys, what would you think? Last edited by Words; at PM. If you are trying to cut fat, you need to eat fat. Salmon is one of the best choices for protein and fat, as well as walnuts for a snack.

I would recommend a carb Diet pills in urine test diet, this is one of the best ways to preserve muscle while simultaneously burning fat. Also I would cut the cardio HIIT, etc. Too much cardio can prevent fat loss and hinder muscle gains, as it begins to burn carbs rather than fat. If you would like some more information on a good carb cycling diet or other diets let me know. Also try to get your hands on clomid. This is much better than nolva alone for post cycle therapy pcthowever both would be optimal.

Begin post cycle therapy pct days after your last injection. Last edited by DrHiney; at PM. Thanks for the input, I guess I will have to lay off the stairmaster LoL. I Will test prop burn fat get my hands on some clomid, I figured I should be running it with nolva anyways. Can you please tell me how you would run the carb cycling diet? Find your bmi matence and eat less calories only way you will loose bodyfat!

And 1 gram per lean body mass not per pound. If your eating to many calories you won't cut peirod. Originally Posted by wclark Are you able to thinks in the day? It's important to take good fat. Users Browsing this Thread. Last Post:AM. Last Post:PM. Test Prop Cutting Cycle?? You may not post new threads. You may not post replies. You may not post attachments. You may not edit your posts. BB code is On. HTML code is Off. Your ultimate guide to anabolic steroids and bodybuilding.

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Will test prop burn fat

Diet pills in urine test

Forms for Every State. Simple - Prepare Online & Print. testo prop synthetic testosterone is an anabolic steroid, It does also help burn fat, Test propionate dosage. Feb 18,  · 1st cycle Test prop only. Goal:Cutting MG test prop EOD as it begins to burn carbs rather than fat.

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