53 weight loss tumblr

I now weigh pounds and love feeling healthy for the first time in my life. Family Status : Married. Late August of I was lbs, heavier than when I gave birth, and miserable. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :. I am trying to lose weight just like you, I guess

Even small changes can make a HUGE difference. I found it helped me to make 53 weight loss tumblr informed choices about what I put into my body. I started to change my perspective on Weight loss in a month tumblr I could choose to have a tiny cheese burger, and eat over calories, or for the same amount I could eat copious amounts of fruit, vegetables and lean meat.

However it has many other health benefits, and helps tone loose skin as you lose weight. I recommend that find an exercise that you love to do, because you will be more likely to stick to it. I did a lot of Weight loss in a month tumblr and team sport Netball. Rollerblading is great, it burns HEAPS of calories because you engage your entire core just to stay balanced. And team sport is a great way to exercise and socialise at the same time.

I found it hard to see changes in my body as I lost weight, but when I saw a photo, I could see the difference and it was a brilliant motivator for me! Every great race starts off with just a few tentative steps. I think everyone needs cheat days, or even a weekend off every now and then. My diet when I first began looked like this: Breakfast: Chopped up apple, chopped almonds, a couple of tablespoons of no fat yogurt.

Lunch: Lean meat chicken, some kind of deli meat; ham, pastrami etc and salad. My Weightloss Story Instagram Progress Photos The Keto Diet FAQ Weight Loss Tips Facebook I Want To Lose Weight, NOW! What I eat in a typical week Question Time lara. Snack: Almonds, carrot sticks, piece of fruit. Snack: Piece of whole grain toast, fruit. It was usually along those lines. If you have any other questions, send me a message :.

53 weight loss tumblr

Weight loss in a month tumblr

I’ve started this Tumblr to surround myself with good vibes, My weight loss was done on my own, F-yeah healthy transformations!. Welcome to my second blog with before and after weight loss pictures. If these people here can do it, so can you. Click "A Skinny Wish" to go back to my home page. Good morning tumblr! Pounds Days. Complete guide to weight loss I'm Helen and I'm on a journey towards a happy, healthy lifestyle.

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