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Slimmm Fat Burner Max is a relatively new addition to the Slimmm weight management program. The Slimmm range contains a variety of products, including shakes and soups. Fat Good diet plan to lose weight in a week Max is a diet pill, but very little product information is provided. Most burnfr products offer a lengthy sales page full of promised benefits, along with claims for the main ingredients.

Fat Burner Max has a sales paragraph instead. Each box contains 20 tablets. No more than two tablets should be taken in any 24 hour period, but the recommended dose is just one tablet each day and five main benefits are promised. It all sounds very good, but the pills have never been tested, so there is no proof that any of these benefits will be attainable, and no explanation is offered as to how the pills are likely to produce these impressive sounding results.

The official website provides no information about any of the ingredients used. This is totally unacceptable because it renders it impossible for consumers to Weight loss maricopa az an informed buying choice. It is very hard to find any customer feedback for this product. The official website provides a amx to a testimonials page, but the page cannot be viewed by anyone who is not registered with the site.

The site also has a forum, but, once again, registration is required before access is granted. Possible side effects cannot be speculated upon due to the lack of a list of ingredients, but pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to avoid using this product. The same advice is offered to anyone who has known health problems bugner those who are taking prescribed medication. In fact, with so little information available, it would be a wise precaution for all potential users to consult their health care professional before use.

The manufacturers make many promises for Fat Burner Max, but fail to provide any real information to back them up. Consumers should never be expected to buy on promises alone, so for this and many other reasons Fat Burner Max is a rejected diet pill: The pills are designed to be used by male and female dieters alike. Sales are restricted How to train your body to burn more fat Australia, but Fat Burner Max can be found on the shelves of several leading chemists, including Soul Pattinson and Chem World.

Strangely though, they cannot tablsts bought from the official Slimmm website, which redirects potential buyers to the PharmaOnline website. At first glance this would appear to be a fulfilment company, but a little investigation reveals the website is also owned by Probiotec Ltd; so 4 belly fat burning foods way reveiws another all online sales are controlled by the same company that produces the product.

The fat burner genre is lead by a handful of products — of which PhenQ is arguably the best. The success of all products is reliant and customer feedback, testimonials and How to lose weight legs and arms stories. PhenQ has an impressive array or customers comments and testimonial videos. It is also one of only a handful of product that have been made in FDA registered facilities. You can read the full review by clicking here Hi there, I have got a packet of Strict diet plan to lose weight Fat Burner Max tablets and there is a list of the ingredients on the back of the packet.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. James duncan lose weight me of new posts by email. Best Diet Pills To Buy Australia. Slimmm Fat Burner Max Does It Work, Where To Buy. Posted on September 30, by admin. Slimmm Fat Burner Max — The weight management program. The entire Slimmm range is produced in Australia by Probiotec Ltd. Contacting the manufacturers is easy because the official Slimmm burrner provides a freecall number and there is a contact form on the site; this suggests a good level of customer service, but the product does not appear to be backed by a money back guarantee.

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Slimmm Fat burner tablets help you burn that last bit of extra fat. Only registered users can write reviews. Slimmm Fat Burner Max Tablets (20 Tablets). Weight Loss Supplements: Find consumer reviews for Weight Loss Supplements on, Australia's No.1 Opinion Site. Slimmm fat burner pills review . Anyone else got diet pill reviews? 4 comments I bought Slimmm Fat Burner Max recently for $30ish too.

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