One direction imagines you lose too much weight

Tonight was the fury awards show you were going to with Harry, you looked through your closest for hours trying to fin the perfect outfit, "I was planning on it," you say, "what's wrong with it? There is no such thing as a stupid question. A year ago, you were pregnant. You could use a run you fatty! What's wrong with it?

Niall tried to One direction imagines you lose too much weight you into his grasp but you ripped away with even more tears running out the door. The hate has just been getting to you. Everywhere you go, slut, whore, bitch. You ran and ran until you found a safe place to sit. You found a deserted park a few minutes from your house and sat down on the bench. You pulled your legs into you and cried silently to yourself.

Facing you was Niall. You smiled slightly before bursting out into tears once again. You had a new DM on twitter. Picking up your phone from your bedside table you quickly read it, it was from your friend Ashley. You giggled at her humor and replied smiling. Looks like a great day for a run! You could use a run you fatty! You really need to lose some weight!

Silent tears streaming down your face. You started to sob as you dropped your phone onto the bed and rolled over covering your face with a pillow. You cried even harder, embarrassed that Zayn had to see you like this. It will get better I promise. You got out of the car and gasped out the sight. He smiled at the crowd and gave a small wave.

You ran past the crowd with an out of breath Harry following you. Without a word, he caught up to you and put his arms around you. The hug lasted for minutes on end before he finally let go. You stared at the screen taking deep breaths. You allowed the forming tears to fall down One direction imagines you lose too much weight cheeks.

You heard Liam walking up from behind you. You put your phone down. He glanced down at your phone seeing that Twitter was open. You know that there will be haters. But there are so many people that love us together and respect you. You loved Liam for everything he did for you, and how he always knows how to make you feel better. He started to hum What Makes You Beautiful as he stroked your hair out of your tear-stained face. You nodded in understanding. You walked out the door of your house to see probably about 30 people waiting for you.

Some paparazzi, some interviewers, but mainly fans, directioners. You smiled shyly before putting your head down as Louis had said. Wanna say that again? She totally ignored him and threw herself and him. This is not fine. I want everyone to listen to me right now. You call yourself Amber heard diet plan fan?

Or even a directioner?

One direction imagines you lose too much weight

Harry: Tracing small circles on your back, he’ll travel his hand up to the back of your neck making you shiver. “Is that too much, babe?” He’ll chuckle. Niall: “I just can’t take it!” you yelled tears running rapidly down your face. Niall tried to hug you into his grasp but you ripped away with even more tears. Preference You want to lose weight . Louis: "Uhh I hate my stomach." I complained looking in the mirror. "Oh shut up!" Louis complained back.

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