Lgcp weight loss

Add us on Facebook. The procedure is reported to cause weight loss results similar to Gastric Sleeve in some preliminary international studies. These simple steps make it easier for you to digest food Lgcp weight loss avoid complications, such as malnutrition. Find us on Facebook and Twitter Website Updates and Changes Stayed tuned for website changes in the works! At this time it is performed weigt only a limited amount of bariatric surgeons, but studies are ongoing Lgcp weight loss learn more about this technique. To learn about specific clinical outcomes please visit the New England Journal of Medicine's website to view the newest peer-reviewed journals published.

Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication LGCP is an Lgcp weight loss minimally invasive weight loss surgery. Weiss did the first LGCP in the state of Kentucky at Baptist Hospital Lexington in January of In this minimally Lgcp weight loss procedure, the outer stretchy part of the stomach is freed up from its attachments to other intra-abdominal structures and then rows of sutures are placed on the outside of the stomach folding Lgcp weight loss and inverting the stomach so it is reduced in sized and holds less volume.

This is done without cutting or removing the stomach. The sutures fuse over the next several weeks making the newly smaller shaped stomach permanent. It is not possible to remove the sutures and reverse the procedure. LGCP is investigational and not covered by any insurance at this time. Weiss generally does not recommend LGCP for patients with a BMI greater than 50 as these patients seem to have suboptimal results with LGCP.

Weiss is excited to announce that he is now offering SIPS; a potential revision option for patients who have had Gastric Sleeve. We're on social media Find us on Facebook and Twitter Website Updates and Changes Stayed tuned for website changes in the works! Phone Number Change We have a change in the way you contact our office Bluegrass Bariatrics and Advanced Surgical Specialists. Bluegrass Bariatric Surgical Associates. Powered By Sequence Health.

Lgcp weight loss

Advantages. Based on early clinical data, some advantages of LGCP include: Effective surgical weight loss at 12 months -- on average patients lose greater than 50%. Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication. Weight loss after LGCP occurs because the patient cannot intake enough nutrition to support themselves. LGCP: A Promising New Weight Loss Procedure Friday, October 21st, | Written by Stephen G. Boyce, MD, FACS, FASMBS. Over the course of my more than year.

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