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Does that sound about right? However, every once in a while there is a good health and fitness book that comes along that is worth reading. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Part of an objective review, of course, is offering criticism on what I believe to be any weak points of a product. Help Me Upgrade My.

Because Anthony changes or removes his material when it proves to be an embarrassment to him. So I want you to see it the way it is as of today when I wrote this post. About two months ago I wrote a post describing the Ancel Keys starvation studies of the s and compared the data from these studies with those published by John Yudkin about 25 years later.

I selected the Yudkin study because the subjects switching bibpe low-carb diets spontaneously dropped their caloric intake to kcal, which was almost exactly the same as the kcal the Keys subjects consumed. When I wrote those words it was at the end of a long post and I was ready to be done with it. I could have probably said what I meant a little better. As near as I can figure, for a couple of reasons.

Second, because I biboe that such a thing as a metabolic advantage exists. And third because in response to one of the comments I had the temerity to opine that I thought Colpo might be wrong on the metabolic advantage issue. It started with an open letter to me that I received by email. One wonders where he is going to get all the fonts he may need as this interchange ensues? For some reason Colpo seems to have a lot of his ego tied up in being correct on the metabolic advantage.

After doing what he considers his due diligence, he has decided that there is no metabolic advantage, and that anyone who says there is qualifies as a moron. Collpo holds for Gary Taubes. Same goes for me Colpo fat loss bible pdf all the same reasons. Colpo has gotten so worked up over this issue that he has actually taken the time to write a 50 page book attacking Taubes, Feinman, Fine and me.

You can download your very own copy Colpo fat loss bible pdf. Calorically that represents about two frankfurters per day or a medium bagel. What that means is that if you figured out how many calories you had to eat to maintain your weight on a low-fat diet, you could consume that many very-low-carb calories plus the two frankfurters and still maintain your weight.

Of course, if poss you ate the bagel, which ffat about the same number of kcal as the two wieners, pdc would lose Colpo fat loss bible pdf metabolic advantage because almost all of its calories are carbs. Certainly not a big enough deal to make all this fuss over. Feinman Col;o Fine are experts on the laws of thermodynamics, a subject on which they have published a number of Colpk. Recall in an earlier post of mine that of all the laws of nature, the laws of thermodynamics are the least likely to ever be overturned.

The very nature of the second law of thermodynamics implies that there has to be lsos metabolic advantage. Feinman and Fine published a paper stating this and discussing a number of recent papers showing that there does indeed appear to be a measurable metabolic advantage that accrues to those following a low-carb diet. Thus his criticism of Fine and Feinman. No substantive discussion of their cat no intelligent criticism; simply a dismissal because their work contradicts what Anthony believes with all his heart to be true.

Same with Gary Taubes. Colpo heard that Gary wrote that one can consume more calories on a low-carb Colpo fat loss bible pdf than on a low-fat biblle and still lose weight, which is all Anthony had Colpo fat loss bible pdf hear. It saved him from having to read that great big book because he just Colpo fat loss bible pdf Bibke has to be an idiot to write such twaddle.

Therefore Gary is just another poss book author preying on the simple minded to harvest his millions. Since this entire brouhaha stems from a difference of opinion on the existence of a metabolic advantage, let me go on the record and state my opinion. My opinion has been formed by my comprehensive reading on Coppo subject los to what Skinny magic diet pills thinks, he is not the only person who reads the medical literature.

I was humping it to the medical library and pulling papers when Anthony was still in diapers and my 25 plus years of medical practice taking care of overweight people. I do think that calories count. That is an unquestionable fact. Insulin is the primary metabolic hormone responsible for both storing fat in the fat cells and keeping it there.

Colpo fat loss bible pdf

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