53 weight loss tumblr

This health and weight loss blog is written by Lucky, a year-old woman from Canada. Once I found a place to live and got over the initial shock of everything…I stopped stuffing my face. HW: CW: GW: Height: 5'3". Accountability, positive thinking, motivation and commitment equal transformation. I am working to slim my body and tone it, not to bulk it up!

Ask losss anything you want even if its not health related. I am not a professional wdight I am ALWAYS here to listen to you if you need advice Mine : Workouts Tips ; Healthy Recipes; Answered Questions; Journal! The problem is that from the moment July 53 weight loss tumblr i stopped taking care of myself, like seriously i ate sooo many junk food i dont know what was wrong with me and i gained it back and now it has been wdight a month since i started again, but ive been going to a nutritionist who gives me a healty diet and all.

Also make like 5 meals per day so you make your metabolism move trough out all daay and that helps you burn calories. Try to drink green tea, it helps you alot. D: Can you even imagine that?! WE WILL LOSE WEIGHT. This is a 53 weight loss tumblr thinspiration blog. I am trying to lose weight just like you, I guess I always eat clean but now i'm putting more effort into it and i will work out harder.

Let's see how long it takes to reach my goal. How long have you been doing this diet plan? As for tips, is water, drink it. Every meal you make tumbkr to have carbs, proteins and fats.

53 weight loss tumblr

My height is 5'7 and these are my weight loss journey my journey follow me at gainz-by-the-pound. ecoslife.ru and love feeling healthy for the first time. Find and follow posts tagged losing weight on Tumblr. I’m done with weight loss!:) Hi guys. As my previous post may have implied, I’m done losing weight now. No, I never reached my goal of pounds.

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