Banish fat boost metabolism weight loss results

Join Now for Free! I think I could do this one multiple times without getting annoyed. Is this on SP or where? I'm 75 lbs overweight and I started this dvd today and I am nowhere in tip top shape. I did her 30 day shred and lost 12 inches

If you've ever wished you could be on the biggest looser, just to have Jillian there to motivate you and be there to guide you, this is for you! I love that it's not easy if it were, you wouldnt get anywhere with resulgs results. ALthough many times Im in the middle of it wishing it to get over, when it is and im done, I feel awesome! No weights required, nothing.

I can't wait to get her others! This is almost strictly cardio, which is great, cause it gives me a rest in between weight training, but still gives me one heck of a workout. Jillian will leave you breathless, and ready to llss, but its so worth every single penny. If you want that beach body, she will get you the results. I love Jillian Michaels fitness DVDs, this one really kicks your butt, but in doing that it will whip you into shape, can definitely see results just in the first week.

It's amazing for toning abs and burning calories and building endurance. This is one my Favorites ones because there is so much variety in the circuits, so you don't get bored. I personally prefer her workout DVDs instead of going to the gym because the gym is boring Banish fat boost metabolism weight loss results it takes forever to see results, but Banish fat boost metabolism weight loss results will sure see them if you use this fitness DVD.

I have tried many different things to get in shape and lose some weight including running, taking aerobics classes, lifting weights. I've also tried other videos such as the firm which worked well. Banish fat boost metabolism weight loss results this video was by far the best. I got a sixpack in a week and lost 5 pounds in two weeks. Basically, for every two times I do this video, I lose a pound. It's REALLY hard and you have to metabolim to sweat A LOT, but if you want real results, you have to work for them.

This workout is no joke, it's intense with alot of cardio including jump cardio. I have worked out my whole life and consider myself fit but this one is hard which means it works. I have done alot of workouts in my day but Jillian is welght favorite. I do workouts on demand thru cable thats where I found her workouts. Try it you won't be sorry. Also good is her 30 day shred and for sculpting your muscles try No More Trouble Zones. If you are just starting to workout, This May Not be For You. But If you want a challenging workout, ORDER THIS DVD!

Jillian is not a JOKE! She is the REAL DEAL I am still trying to get through the Bahish one time without taking a break. For those of you who actually getting through it, WOW!!! This DVD is hard for me. But I still challenge it, I just take a break when necessary. I don't do it as often as I should though because it's intimidating to me a little.

But I just thought I should voice my opinion for people that don't normally work out. And I just started working out with Jillian. I must say, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Banish fat boost metabolism weight loss results don't watch the Biggest Looser, so I wasn't familiar with her at all. This is the most challenging I have ever did. I can even get through the Biggest Looser better than this one.

This is a pure cardio workout Wekght it is an amazing workout, but be prepared to work and sweat! The moves are not too complicated, but they are hard. This is a hard workout, but man it feels good when you finish it. I do this dvd twice a week and I also use the 30 day shred twice a week. I've lost quite a bit of weight and several sizes. I'm 46 years old so I'm not as limber as I used to be but these workouts boostt in a great way.

This workout is very much cardio for sure, but it also works at building up muscles. Especially if you do not modify any of the exercises and do them as many times as she says. If you can handle your heart blasting for 40 straight minutes and really want great arms, legs, and abs. I recommend this DVD!!! Its helped rresults lose 20 pounds and Banish fat boost metabolism weight loss results I already had Jillian Michael's Shred and RIPPED videos before I bought this video.

I bought this one to use on days that I want more cardio, it is a longer video as well, and it is perfect for that. I definitely recommend this video! This is the most amazing workout video I have ever used it totally delivers everything it says it will.

Banish fat boost metabolism weight loss results

Mar 23,  · review and results: jillian michaels' 'banish fat and , jillian micheals, review, weight loss. jillian michaels' ' banish fat and boost metabolism '. I picked Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism because it is one of the top 10 on Amazon in the fitness category. Due to the success of “The Biggest Loser. Banish Fat Boost Metabolism ” from Amazon I definitely think I will reach my goals for weight loss and body Now that I have seen the results also.

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